TV Edwards can provide you with expert advice on Temporary Events Notices.

I enjoyed working with TV Edwards who gave us some great advice and always kept us updated on the application’s progress. I am really pleased with the outcome.

Director – Astons Food

A Temporary Event Notice (often simply referred to as a TEN) is required when you wish to undertake temporary licensable activity on unlicensed premises or where the activity you wish to carry out is outside the scope of an existing Premises Licence.

TENS are generally designed for small scale, ‘one-off’ events.  

Notice must be given to the licensing authority, the police and environmental health teams of the local authority. In general, only the police or environmental health can intervene to prevent a temporary event from taking place.

There are a number of different limits on the number of TENs that can be granted, the duration of any event and how many people can attend. These can often be extremely confusing and are often misinterpreted.  The limits can vary depending on whether the person applying for the TEN has a personal licence and whether the events are taking place at the same premises or not. It is crucial you to seek professional advice before planning your event.

How can we help?

At TV Edwards we have been advising clients on submitting TENs for many years. We can advise you on how to get the most out of your TENs and we can help get your events up and running by negotiating with the licensing authorities, Police or Environmental health teams.

Our fees for temporary events notices

We almost always offer fixed fee advice on submitting TENS but our fees vary depending on the amount of time we anticipate spending on the application and whether we anticipate facing representations from the police of local authority.  Further details on the costs of our services can be found here. Contact us today for a no obligation estimate of our fees in your case.  

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