We know it’s important that your family’s financial issues are dealt with cost-effectively.

How Can Our Family Finance Solicitors Help?

Family finances fund the legal costs of disagreements about who is entitled to what, and it makes sense to preserve as much money as possible for your family’s future.

At TV Edwards, we work hard to make this happen.

Our accredited family finance solicitors have a reputation for finding solutions to problems quickly and clearly, offering you a way forward on the best possible terms.

That’s the same whether you are separating, divorcing, or dissolving a civil partnership.

We subscribe to the Resolution Code of Practice and encourage a constructive and non-confrontational approach to resolving financial matters. 

We‘ll help you reach a fair agreement, usually through negotiation and mediation or, as a last resort, the court.

Marriage And Civil Partnership

If you are ending a marriage or a civil partnership and cannot agree on what will happen to your finances, the court has to decide what should happen.

It will firstly take into account any dependant children, followed by:

  • Your income and earning capacity
  • Your savings and any other capital
  • Your housing needs
  • Your pensions entitlements
  • How long you have been married or in a civil partnership
  • Your health
  • Your standard of living before the breakdown of a relationship
  • Your overall contribution to the marriage or civil partnership (not just in terms of money, but also home-making, caring for children, and supporting your spouse or partner’s career)
  • Any other relevant circumstances

The court can order:

  • Maintenance
  • The transfer of assets (including properties and money lump sums)
  • Pension sharing

You should expect court proceedings to take 12 to-18 months from start to finish. This could be longer if the other person does not co-operate.

Cohabitating Couples

Cohabitating couples are treated differently in law to those that are married or in civil partnerships.

When a cohabitating couple separates, disputes will often involve the extent of the parties’ respective entitlements to ownership and/or occupation of the home, as well as financial support for the children.

These can be complex cases, and our team of family finance solicitors is ideally placed to advise on all aspects of relationship breakdown.

At TV Edwards, the advice from our family finance solicitors is clear and independent and based on many years of experience with children, families, and the law.

If you are dealing with a difficult issue to do with divorce, separation, children, or any other family situation and need specialist family solicitors in London to advise you, we are here to help.

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