Children & Social Services

When social services are involved with your family, it can be very worrying and upsetting. We provide expert legal advice and support in this complicated area of family law.

If you are a parent or a young person whose family is involved with social services (sometimes called “children’s services”), we can advise and represent you even before a case goes to court (the “pre-proceedings” stage). We can also help if you want to support a relative whose children are involved with social services.

We are specially trained to deal with these complex children’s cases, and many of our specialist team are members of the Law Society’s Children.

Our advice is clear and independent, and based on many years’ experience of children, families, and the law. If you are dealing with a difficult issue to do with divorce, children, or any other family situation and need specialist family solicitors in London to advise you, we are here to help.

Funding your case

Where Legal Aid is not available we can quote you a competitive price for our work. Click here to find out more.

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Emerging as someone who is central in the world of family law. Hannah puts a huge amount of work in for her clients and she has a collaborative approach with everyone she works with.
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