Cookies are small files that are saved locally on your device by web applications. They are widely used to help websites to work better, and to help the owners of the website understand how their pages are being used.

We have designed our site with your privacy in mind, and only use cookies to store data where we feel it is strictly necessary to do so. You can change your cookie preferences at any time by using our cookie tool.

You can find more detail on the cookies that we use in the table below.

You can find more detail on the cookies that we use in the table below.

Cookie or Local StorageNamePurpose
Cookie Preferences (Essential)
These cookies are used solely to store the choices about which cookies you would like to allow. Stored for 12 months.
SRA Badge (Essential)cdn.yoshki.comIt is a legal requirement for us to display the SRA Logo on our website. This cookie helps to verify our website as SRA approved.
Stored until browser closed.
reCAPTCHA verification (Essential)
We use Google’s reCAPTCHA service to protect our site from spam and abuse. These cookies help to filter requests from bots. Stored and renewed persistently.

yt (-remote-connected-devices, -remote-device-id, .innertube ::nextId, innertube ::requests)
Where relevant, we embed videos from our official YouTube channel, striving to use use YouTube’s privacy-enhanced mode to avoid the storage of personally-identifiable information. YouTube may set certain cookies on your device, but no activity is collected to personalise the viewing experience. Read more about embedded YouTube videos here.
Google Maps
(Recommended) use Google’s Maps API to display our client reviews and embedded maps of our office location. Although this service doesn’t currently store cookies on your device, we ask for your permission in case of any changes to Google’s privacy policy. Google will also set cookies if you choose to view the map on the Google Maps website.
Google Analytics (Analytics)
With permission, we use Google Analytics to collect information about how people our using our website, such as how many people visit a certain pages, and where individuals are visiting our website from. We use this data to monitor and improve our website and services. These cookies do not collect any personal information. You can read more about Google’s privacy and safeguarding of data here.
Ruler (Analytics)
To improve functionality and help to measure the amount of page visits and traffic sources our website receives, we use a monitoring service provided by Ruler Analytics. For opt-out information, visit their website or contact
Microsoft Clarity (Analytics)
Where analytics cookies are accepted, we may also use Microsoft Clarity to monitor user sessions and give us a better insight into how customers and individuals interact with the website.

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