Divorce is an emotionally and legally significant time, but with the right support the process itself does not need to be contentious or confusing.

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Our Experience As Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is an emotional and challenging time, but with the right support, the process itself does not need to be contentious or confusing.

We have helped thousands of people with divorce or dissolution and offer a personal service specific to your needs with all the explanation and guidance necessary.

Our team is led by Paul Read, who has 13 years of experience in advising on separation.

We pride ourselves on plain speaking and empathy to help our clients achieve a positive outcome.

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See Below Our FAQs About Divorce

Below are the answers to the questions our specialist divorce solicitors are most commonly asked. The information reflects the changes to divorce law on 6 April 2022, which included simplifying the procedure and language used and removing the requirement to provide evidence of behaviour or separation.

For more information about how we work, please get in touch with Paul and his team by emailing divorce@tvedwards.com or giving us a call on 0203 440 8000.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the grounds for divorce?
Will I have to attend court?
How does a divorce start?
How long does a divorce take?
Do I need my marriage certificate to get divorced?
I was married abroad and my marriage certificate is not in English, does this matter?
Can I name the party in the divorce petition that my spouse was adulterous with?
What happens if my ex defends the divorce?
Can I defend the divorce petition my ex has put in to court?
My ex won’t confirm that they’ve received the divorce papers. What should I do?
I am in a civil partnership and want to bring it to an end. Is there a different process to divorce?
What are the costs of divorce?
What difference does it make to have a lawyer who is a Resolution member acting for me in my divorce?
Does divorce decide where our children live?
How are financial claims dealt with?
Can we convert our civil partnership into a marriage?

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