Whether you are the parent of a child who is to be adopted, or you are planning to adopt a child, this can be a slow and difficult process. For the children involved, there can be lots of very conflicting feelings before, during and after the adoption has taken place; the issue of contact with birth parents can be particularly challenging.

We specialise in this highly complex and specialist area of law, including international, intercountry, domestic and stepparent adoption cases. Our experienced lawyers can help you.

Our specialist adoption lawyers offer advice and representation on every stage of the adoption process to all of those who may be involved in an adoption case – prospective adopters, children, children’s guardians, birth parents and other relatives. We offer the same specialist, experienced and sympathetic service to all our clients regardless of whether they are paying privately or are eligible for legal aid.

We advise on the legal and practical aspects of adoption as well as representing birth parents, adoptive parents, and children in court. We also advise on the alternatives to adoption because it is not the only choice where a child cannot continue to live with his or her birth family. There are other possibilities including child arrangement orders or special guardianship orders.

At TV Edwards we see the full picture, so we’ll talk to you about what happens after adoption has taken place. If you are a parent of a child who is to be adopted, we will advise you on any right to post-adoption contact and tell you about the support that might be available to all involved.

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Where Legal Aid is not available we can quote you a competitive price for our work. Click here to find out more.

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