Our approach to fees is simple,  we’ll do everything we possibly can to ensure you receive best value legal advice. 

That means helping you secure Legal Aid, if it’s available for you. It means checking out whether you have any legal expenses insurance which could fund your case. It also means agreeing the best arrangement for you, if you’re going to be paying our fees directly. 

We recognise that clients usually come to us when there are problems to resolve. We work hard not to add to those problems. We’ll be clear about how much we think it will cost for us to conclude your case and we’ll discuss with you the ways of managing that cost. 

You could ask us to work on just one part of your case, for a limited time. Or you could ask us to be by your side for the duration, for a fixed fee. In some cases we offer conditional fee agreements where the amount you pay depends on the outcome of your case. 

We work to budgets, to fixed fees and to bespoke arrangements because we know that every client has different circumstances. When you instruct us, you’ll discover that value for money is as important to us as it is to you. You’ll find that our fees are competitive. You’ll also discover that our service delivers on our promises.  

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