Here at TV Edwards, we aim to be a responsible and ethical employer making a positive impact on the legal community and society at large. 

Founded in the East End of London in 1929, the firm has always held a clear vision of working to the very highest standards and delivering practical, high-quality advice to its clients.  We believe that our values are reflected in the people, organisations and initiatives that we support.

The Community

We strive to be an important part of those communities in which we serve – offering rewarding work placements to the children of local schools, providing support and advice to local businesses, charities and advice centres and enabling our staff to engage in community projects.

Our People

People are at the centre of our business.  We are committed to providing our staff with rewarding jobs and creating opportunities for them to progress their careers.  We treat our colleagues with respect, and always aim to provide a comfortable, safe, rewarding, inclusive and supportive working environment with equality of opportunity for all.


TV Edwards is an SRA registered training provider has a long and proud tradition of training solicitors. Each year we take on significant numbers of trainees and provide them with high quality training, supervision and support.


Every year, the firm supports a charity of the year voted for by its staff.  This enables us to focus our fundraising activities on to an organisation aligned with the firm’s values. 

Publicly Funded work

We are recognised as being one of the leading firms in the country undertaking publicly funded work (Legal Aid) in a number of areas of law. Publicly funded casework supports our core value of accessibility and demonstrates our belief in the importance of access to justice for all.    

The environment

TV Edwards is conscious of the environmental impact of its business activities and strives to reduce that impact each year by sourcing sustainable products procuring goods and services locally, and reducing,  reusing and recycling resources.

We are committed to providing a fair, equitable and mutually supportive working environment for our staff. Click here to view our diversity data.

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