Cyber Crime Warning

In recent years, solicitors firms and their clients have become targets for cyber-criminals who seek to steal funds by impersonating solicitors firms and persuading clients to transfer funds to fraudulent bank accounts. These criminals often use E-mail correspondence and telephone calls to target their victims.

The threat from cyber criminals is very real and we must all be on our guard. TV Edwards are committed to protecting your privacy and security and we would ask that you read this warning carefully.

Our bank details

Our bank details will be provided to you at the beginning of your case. We will only send these details to you once. These details will NEVER CHANGE for any reason during the lifetime of your case.

If you receive any communication suggesting our bank details have changed for any reason then please report this to us immediately.  DO NOT transfer any money to the new account.  If at any time you transfer money to a bank account other than our account then we cannot accept liability for any loss.

We strongly advise you to speak to your lawyer by telephone before making any payments to TV Edwards.  This is particularly true in conveyancing transactions when the sums being transferred can be substantial.  Call your lawyer on a trusted number (for example one listed on our website or headed paper) where we will be happy to check that the sum is due, the precise amount of that sum and details of the bank you are transferring that sum to.

Please note that in conveyancing transactions we will not ask you to transfer the deposit (usually 10% of the purchase price) until we are also arranging for you to sign the contract. We will not ask you to transfer the balance until contracts have been exchanged and we have sent you our completion statement showing the amount to be transferred for completion.

Our emails

Please note that ALL TV Edwards email addresses are constructed in the following way:

Please always check the sender’s e-mail address and try to satisfy yourself that you have received a genuine email from TV Edwards.  If the address is constructed in a similar but different way to that described above then please report that to us by telephone as soon as possible.  Do not reply to the email or open any attachments it may have.

In some circumstances, the email address may look legitimate (even on closer inspection) but for other reasons you may suspect that the email is suspicious.  The language used may seem odd, the grammar poor or information you would expect your lawyer to know may be absent.  You may have received it at an unsociable hour, the email footer may not look the same as in earlier emails or case references may be incorrect or missing.

If you have any doubt about the authenticity of any email then please call your Lawyer on a trusted number (for example one listed on our website or headed paper) to check.

Our Telephone Number

When calling TV Edwards, please note the following

  • Our telephone switchboard number is 0203 440 8000. 
  • All of our direct dial numbers are constructed as follows:
    • 0203 440 (followed by a four-digit extension number).

If in doubt, our contact details can be found on our people page. Please note that our accounts department will not call and ask you to make payment and any such request for payment should immediately be reported to us.

Our cyber security measures

TV Edwards are part of the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials Scheme.  Our IT systems have been audited by experts and we have invested in security measures designed to keep your information safe from criminal interference. 

The prevalence of cyber-crime, its growing sophistication and the ever-changing nature of the threat, means that no system is ‘fool proof’ or completely immune from interference.  We would ask you to be vigilant at all times and contact us should you have any concerns whatsoever.

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