If you own, operate or work within licensed premises, it’s very important that you understand your rights, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities under the Licensing Act. Failure to comply with the conditions of your licence or a failure to promote the licensing objectives can result in a licence being revoked, but it can also result in a criminal prosecution.

Part seven of the Licensing Act 2003 sets out the criminal offences that can be prosecuted through the courts by the Police or the licensing authority.  Some of those offences are set out below.

Section 136 – unauthorised licensable activities.

Section 137 –  exposing alcohol for unauthorised sales

Section 138 – keeping alcohol on the premises for unauthorised sales

Section 140 – allowing disorderly conduct on licenced premises

Section 141 – sale of alcohol to a person who is drunk

section 145 – unaccompanied children prohibited from certain premises

section 146 – sale of alcohol to children

section 147 – allowing the sale of alcohol to children

section 147A – persistently selling alcohol to children

section 149 – purchase of alcohol by or on behalf of children

section 150 – consumption of alcohol by children

section 151 – delivering alcohol to children

section 153 – prohibition of unsupervised sales by children

Many of these offences are punishable by way of unlimited fines.

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All of the Licensing team at T V Edwards are also experts in defending criminal prosecutions. If you simply wanted advice on your own liabilities in law or if you were unfortunate enough to face a prosecution, you could not be in better hands.

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TV Edwards’ criminal and regulatory team are recognised experts on defending criminal prosecutions and have successfully defended prosecution of almost every type since 1929.

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