Many local authorities now have designated areas within their boroughs which are subject to Cumulative Impact Policies (CIP).  These areas often known as Cumulative Impact Zones (CIZ) or Special Policy Areas (SPA) are usually identified in a local authority’s Statement of Licensing Policy. It has been estimated that there are around 200 or so of these areas in England and Wales.

These are areas where the local authority has decided that there are serious issue of, crime, nuisance and disorder and that these problems are related to the number, type and density of licenced premises in the area.  Statement of Licensing policy often talk of areas being ‘saturated’ with licenced premises.  Examples of areas we often deal with at TV Edwards are Brick Lane and Bethnal Green Cumulative Impact Policies in Tower Hamlets, and Dalston and Shoreditch SPA in Hackney

If your premises is situated on one of these areas and you are applying for new licence or applying to vary an existing licence then there will be a presumption that your application will be refused.  This presumption can be rebutted but the onus is on the application to show that if granted the application will not add to the cumulative impact of licenced premises in the area.  

Put bluntly, it will be more difficult to make a successful application in these areas.

How we can help

If you are applying for a premises licence or seeking vary and existing licence for premises in a cumulative impact zone then you will need help.  We have successfully negotiated Cumulative Impact Zone areas for many applications and have a track record of getting applications granted in CIP areas.  It can be hard work but being in a CIP is not a bar on a successful application if your advisor knows how to successful navigate the process.

Recent Cases

  • Bethnal Green Cumulative Impact Policy – off-licence
  • Southwark Cumulative Impact Zone – office bar and entertainment space
  • Brick Lane Cumulative Impact Zone – Restaurant

What our clients say

TV Edwards’ licensing team are our secret weapon on so many of our projects. Julian and his team make it effortless to jump through the hoops, tick all the boxes and get our licences in place with ease!” 

Jack Bryant – JBP Promotions

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