In order to carry on licensable activity on a regular basis then you need a Premises Licence.  If you are planning a temporary event then you will need a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to carry out licensable activity.

Licensable activities are:

  • The performance of Plays
  • Films
  • Indoor Sporting Events
  • Boxing or Wrestling entertainments
  • Live Music
  • Recorded Music
  • Performances of Dance
  • Anything of a similar nature to Live Music, Recorded Music or Performances of Dance
  • Late night refreshment
  • Supply of Alcohol for consumption on or off the premises.

In some circumstances, you can carry out licensable activities without having a licence or a TEN.  For example, if your audience does not exceed 500 and your performance is between 08:00 and 23.00 then you do not need a licence to perform a play.  The rules however can be complex and it is important that you get good advice before embarking on an activity which might need a licence.

There is no bar on there being more than one premises licence in force at any given time in respect of the same premises.

Where the Premises Licence authorises the supply of alcohol, the licence will contain a number of mandatory conditions. Licences usually also have discretionary conditions attached if they are considered appropriate for the promotion of the licensing objectives. Conditions can also be imposed on a licence after a Review.

A licence can be ‘timed barred’ existing for a finite amount of time.  In most cases however, licences persists until they are revoked, suspended, or surrendered. In some circumstances, licences can lapse and be reinstated.

How we can help

We can give you good and pragmatic advice on all aspects of Licensing.  We can help you obtain a new licence, vary the licence you have or help stop an authority from taking your licence away from you. 

Recent cases

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  • Roof-top bar London Bridge – New Premises Licence
  • Event space Spitalfields – New Premises Licence
  • Rooftop bar and Restaurant Hackney- New Premises Licence

What our clients say

TV Edwards have provided us with an exemplary service in acquiring premises licences for a number of our workspaces. They are communicative, transparent and highly effective and I would recommend their services to any similar business.

Steve Morrin, Managing DirectorSustainable Workspaces


Our Licensing fees vary depending on the complexity of each case.  Every case is different.  Some applications will be very straightforward whist others might be extremely complex. Factors will include whether the licence sought is for a premises in a cumulative impact zone, whether the application deviates from local authority policies, whether local objections are anticipated and how novel or unusual the application is. Further information on our Licensing fees can be found here.

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