Joint ventures are formed where two or more persons or companies come together to execute a particular business proposition or project.

A joint venture between two or more persons or company are normally documented in a Joint Venture Agreement which establishes the duties and obligations of each party to the agreement. Joint ventures have become increasingly important as a medium through which companies undertake significant business activities and projects.

However, situations can arise which cause joint venture disputes. Examples of joint venture disputes can include:

  • Conflicts over each party’s share in the business as well as shares in the income and capital increase of the business.
  • Ambiguity and uncertainty in respect of the level of participation each party is expected to contribute to the business.
  • Disputes over how to grow the business (such as whether a new business should be acquired or whether expansion into another sector should take place).

Before thinking about commencing timely and costly legal proceedings, you may wish to consider trying to settle your dispute through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Our Dispute Resolution solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on your joint venture dispute. If you are seeking a solicitor to advise you or would generally like to find out more about our services, please contact our Dispute Resolution team at TV Edwards.

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