Commercial Debt Recovery 

The debt recovery solicitors at TV Edwards are fast, efficient and specialise in complex/high value business debt collection proceedings. Cashflow is the lifeblood of a business and has become even more important since COVID-19 hit the UK. With concerns as to how long the pandemic will last and with much uncertainty ahead, maximising commercial debt collection will be many peoples priority to secure their interests at this particularly difficult time.

We often hear of cases where debtors are trying to avoid payment owing to COVID-19 related reasons, despite them being fully operational and able to meet their payment obligations. Knowing what practical steps can be taken and applying the right debt recovery methods is more important than ever. Below we set out some useful pointers to help steer you in the right direction.

We appreciate that the cost of recovering debts must be proportionate to the value of the debt and what you are likely to recover from the debtor. It is fundamental to consider your debtor’s financial position before commencing court action. If the debtor is unable to satisfy any claim, it makes recovery of the debt unlikely.

Before taking any court action you should write to the debtor setting out your legal position. If the debtor has cash flow problems, you may consider offering a payment plan as a short-term measure. If this does not provide a solution, the next step will be to instruct lawyers to draft a pre-action letter before action, requesting payment of the debt.

Debt Recovery Services:

Letter Before Action
Court Proceedings
Enforcement of the Judgment
Order to obtain information from a judgment debtor
Obtain a warrant of execution-county court bailiff
Attachment of earnings
Charging order
Third Party Debt Order
Statutory Demand

Debt Recovery Testimonials

Adam was very impressive with how he acted in recovering a large commercial debt for our business. He was attentive to what we wanted to achieve and was robust in his approach to successfully resolving the case on incredibly favourable terms. We would definitely recommend instructing Adam and look forward to working with him again in the future. 5/5 rating for sure. He is our go to man.

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