Some of the common building disputes that you might need legal assistance for include:

• Building contract errors/breach of contract
• The negligent supply and installation of materials
• Negligence by engineers, including during planning stages
• Substandard work by the contractors carrying out the project
• Dispute over contractual payments/invoices

If your builder has not completed the job they were paid for to a professional standard, which has meant you have suffered loss (e.g. a reduction in the value of the property) then you may be eligible to make a claim against them for the return of your money and compensatory damages for the loss suffered as a result of their negligence.

The chances of a dispute arising can be prevented by putting in place a legally binding contract that outlines the responsibilities of both parties so that everyone knows what is expected of them.

How long does a builder have to remedy defects?

If you have had defective works carried out, your builder should fix the problems within a reasonable amount of time, usually in a matter of weeks. If they don’t do this, you can seek estimates from other contractors/builders and use these to claim the costs from your original builder.

If you’re in dispute with your builder and haven’t been able to resolve the matter by speaking with them, you may wish to seek legal advice about making a claim against them for the defective work.

The first step should always be to try and resolve the dispute amicably between the parties by discussing the disputed issues. However, if you find that you cannot reach the desired outcome without legal assistance our team of litigators can help you reach the solution you want. This might be through alternative dispute resolution methods such as negotiation or mediation, or a claim through the courts for breach of contract. We are on hand to take a robust approach when required. If you’ve been let down by unreliable builders, we can help.

It has been a real pleasure working with Adam. It’s rare to find someone with such professionalism, efficiency and excellent communication skills. Adam and his disputes team were professional, thorough and left no stone unturned when acting for me in respect of my disrepair dispute. Adam helped me successfully navigate through a very complex area of law in a calm, robust and strategic fashion, enabling me to settle the matter on favourable terms. I would definitely recommend instructing Adam and TV Edwards. Thanks again for all your hard efforts you were absolutely superb.

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