At TV Edwards we understand that the boundary of your property is much more than just a line on a map. It establishes the value of your property and how it can be enjoyed.

If someone is causing you a nuisance and encroaching on your land, it is imperative to act quickly to defend your property. If you cannot resolve the dispute yourself, issues can arise when you come to sell your property. Taking swift action can be vital to selling your property easily in the future.

Our dispute resolution team can provide tailored, practical advice at very competitive rates. They have significant experience in dealing with the following boundary related issues:-

•             Positioning of boundaries

•             Trespass

•             Adverse possession

•             Overhanging trees

•             Rights of way

•             Repairs and maintenance

•             Damage done to your land by a neighbour

•             Encroachment from neighbouring buildings

How our Dispute Resolution team can help

If you are seeking a Solicitor to advise you in relation to a boundary dispute or would like to find out about our services more generally, please contact our Dispute Resolution team at TV Edwards Solicitors.

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