The Difference Between Freehold and Leasehold Commercial Property

When you buy a property that is freehold, you own both the property and the land outright. Leasehold commercial properties or premises (part of the building) are however, exactly that – leased. You therefore own the leasehold building or premises for a fixed period of time, and you will be subject to leasehold terms entered into between yourself and the freehold owner.

Procedure for acquiring a commercial property.

First Stage

-the heads of terms will need to be agreed between the freeholder namely:

                -the purchase price for the freehold or the premium for the leasehold property

                -in the case of a lease its duration:

                                -the rent and the rent review period

                                -the user clauses (the permitted use of the property)

                                -the portion/ratio of the service charge/insurance payable if the leased premises is a part of the building and not the whole

                                -whether any rent deposit or guarantors are required

the list is not exhaustive.

Second Stage

  • Carrying out local authority, environmental, water and drainage searches
  • Raising enquiries with the seller’s solicitors
  • Reviewing search results and the replies to enquiries
  • Identifying and talking through potential liabilities with you
  • Reviewing the valuation and survey thoroughly
  • Providing you a report on Title and
  • In the case of a leasehold property providing you a summary of the lease.

Third Stage

  • Obtaining the signed contract and transfer document from you (and where applicable the lease and the mortgage deed)
  • Obtaining the usual 10% purchase deposit from you
  • Exchanging contracts with the seller thus legally binding both the parties to the transaction
  • Completing the transaction by paying the remainder of the balance (usually a week or thereafter)

Fourth Stage

                -paying off any stamp duty land tax that may be due

                -and registering the lease.

A typical transaction will entail the steps above.

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