Our violent crime solicitors are experienced in handling a variety of violent offences and will guide you through the process of an investigation and/or prosecution.

I have found the solicitors to be a very committed group of individuals who have a genuine desire to act in the very best interests of their clients.

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Allegations of violence cover an extremely wide range of matters, from minor public order incidents where no injuries are suffered to serious assaults causing grievous bodily harm with life-changing physical consequences and the equally serious potential of a sentence of life imprisonment.

At TV Edwards, our violent crime solicitors are familiar with all levels of alleged offending and understand that even more minor accusations can have serious consequences on our clients’ reputations and careers.

Types Of Offences Our Violent Crime Solicitors Can Help With

We regularly represent clients accused of a large range of violent offences, covered by a variety of Acts, including, among others:

  • The Criminal Justice Act 1988
  • The Offences Against the Persons Act 1861
  • The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act 2018
  • The Public Order Act 1986

Our experts can help you with a wide range of violent offences, such as:

  • Common assault
  • Assault with intent to resist or prevent arrest
  • Assault occasioning actual bodily harm
  • Assaults on constables and emergency workers
  • Wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm
  • Wounding or causing grievous bodily harm with intent
  • Ill-treatment or neglect of children or mental patients, or persons who lack capacity
  • Causing or allowing a child or vulnerable adult to suffer serious physical harm
  • Public order, including fear or provocation of violence, affray and violent disorder

How Can Our Violent Crime Solicitors Help?

TV Edwards’s team of solicitors is experienced in defending clients accused of the full range of violent offences.

We promptly identify and advise regarding the strength of the evidence and any applicable defences, such as self-defence.

We regularly represent individuals subject to police investigation and will seek to engage with investigators early with a view to avoiding prosecution.

Even accusations of low-level violence can have a significant impact on our clients and their careers and families.

Cautions and convictions for violent offences can often require individuals to disclose the circumstances to their employer or have an impact on proceedings in other courts, such as the Family Court.

We will work with you to address these issues and seek to minimise the impact on your life.

Convictions for more serious violent offences can lead to lengthy sentences of imprisonment.

Our expert team will advise you on every step of the process in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Where cases proceed to Court, we will consider and explore all avenues of possible defence and, where necessary, instruct experts to assist in preparing the case.

We instruct a vast range of experts, such as medical experts, to provide reports in relation to physical and psychological issues raised, CCTV experts to enhance CCTV footage, forensic experts to examine fingerprints and footprints and a range of associated experts.

At TV Edwards, our violent crime solicitors appreciate that case strategy and taking the appropriate action at the right time are crucial for our clients when dealing with allegations of violence in order to achieve the optimal outcome.

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