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The impact of prosecution on a person can have dire repercussions in a persons professional or personal life. You may need specialist and tailored legal advice on ending a prosecution.

There are many ways in which a person can achieve the result of ending a prosecution and it is crucial that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity if you are to have any prospect of ending prosecution against you. Inevitably you will want to end the prosecution as soon as practicable.

The types of cases which you may want to end prosecution are:


Bespoke defence practitioners we can investigate your case.  We can interview witnesses and obtain supporting statements, we can consider the evidence that the relevant authority may have against you and give advice on that, we can make CCTV enquiries in a bid to clear your name and we can give tailored legal advice in relation to investigatory interviews. 

This material can then be carefully considered and presented to the relevant authority with a view to ending prosecution.

Avoiding charge or seeking to end prosecution after charge

The Crown Prosecution Service have principals they must follow when making a charging decision.  There are two stages:

  1. The evidential stage – sufficient evidence to provide for a realistic prospect of conviction; and
  1. Public interest stage.

Our experienced team can take instructions from you in order to draft persuasive and powerful written representations which can be sent to the investigating authority requesting that the case is reviewed.  This is all with a view to ending prosecution.   

You will clearly need detailed advice from an expert and that is where our team are able to assist. 

Out of Court disposal


The police have the power to deal with suitable cases by way of issuing a police caution either simple or conditional. 

Sometimes the police overlook this as a route to ending prosecution and our expert team are able to consider this matter on your behalf and give you bespoke legal advice advising you whether bespoke representations ought to be made.

You will need careful advice about the implications of a caution and admitting guilt and our conscientious team will be able to provide you with this advice. 

Even if your case is at Court representations can be made with a view to get the police to deal with the case rather than continue with Court proceedings. 

Penalty Notices

Another means of ending prosecution are penalty notices.  These can be issued in appropriate cases and can obtain the result of ending a prosecution. 


Those prosecuting have a duty to provide disclosure which may either undermine the prosecution case or assist the defence case.  It is imperative that you seek expert legal advice in relation to disclosure as disclosure arguments are often the most successful ones in terms of ending prosecution.

We can also give you advice on obtaining third party disclosure from social services, education establishments or medical evidence.

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