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What Is Adverse Possession And When Would This Apply To Me?

Adverse possession is the legal mechanism by which a person can acquire legal ownership of land if they have occupied the land for a minimum of 12 years and this period of occupation has been unopposed and uninterrupted.

One scenario where adverse possession can arise is when a property owner has enclosed a parcel of land which forms part of their garden but does not fall within the title boundaries of the land and property they own.

What Do I Need To Do To Acquire Land By Adverse Possession?

In order to acquire land by adverse possession, the occupier must have the following:

Factual possession of the land, i.e. the occupier must deal with the land as the actual owner might have been expected to. There must also be an appropriate degree of physical control over the land by the occupier, e.g. they have enclosed the occupied land with fences.

An intention to possess the land to the exclusion of all others, including the true legal owner.
Possession of the land must be without legal entitlement or without the true legal owner’s consent.

If the above points are satisfied, the occupier can apply to the Land Registry to register themself as the owner of the occupied land. The Land Registry requirements for the application will differ depending on whether the occupied land is registered or unregistered.

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