As our experience of Truro Crown Court sitting in the Mile End Road has shown, the best use (and in the City of London the imaginative use) of video links can avoid extra costs and save much court time. It is the Leveson way…

Adam Shaw recently represented a client from Canada in criminal proceedings at York Crown Court. Part of the defence case involved calling a number of character referees from Canada. The client was privately funded and the cost of travel and accommodation associated with getting the referees to Court would have been very high. Instead Adam arranged for the referees to give their evidence at Court over a video link. The referees included a Judge and a Doctor. The company who provided the link was AVMI Impact. The client was acquitted after trial.

Adam also represented a client at City of London Magistrates Court. Here imagination paid off. The video link in the Court room was broken and the Court said that they would adjourn and produce the defendant in person. The client did not agree with this course of action as he did not want to be transferred to another prison and would have risked increasing the amount of time he spent in custody. Adam suggested that the Court convene in the legal consultation booth. Accordingly the Court, including defence, prosecution, legal advisor and the Magistrates (It was a bit cosy) dealt with the matter outside the actual Court room. The case concluded on the day and the client was very happy.

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