Figures recently released by CAFCASS show that the number of private law cases issued in the courts has risen year on year for the third month in a row.  Private law children cases usually involve applications to the court for child arrangements orders to determine how much time children should spend with each parent or where the children should live.  In July of 2015 the total was 3554 new private law cases which is an increase of 3% from the July 2014 period. There has been a consistent increase year on year.

Much of this is due to the Government removing legal aid for Children Act cases other than where there is evidence of domestic abuse or harm to a child and has consequently lead to a decrease in the number of referrals by legal aid lawyers to mediation. 

Mediation is often the very best way to resolve issues concerning disputes with children.  It is invariably cheaper and quicker than the court process and produces longer lasting outcomes which invariably focus on what both parents agree are the best interests of the children. 

We at TV Edwards have a team of mediators with a very high success rate of resolving children and finance disputes between the parents.

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