The Government has announced that notice periods for landlords seeking possession will return to normal on 1st October 2021. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Government introduced a number of measures for rented properties, including a ban on evictions, amendments to court procedural rules and changes to notice periods depending on the reason for the eviction. 

However, from 1st October 2021 the Government has decided that notice periods can return to what they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As an example, this means that a private landlord wanting to seek possession using a ‘Section 21 notice’ will now only need to give the tenants 2 months’ notice. 

However, this will not mean that any notices served before 1st October 2021 with the wrong notice period will now be valid. 

These changes may mean that many landlords are now going to serve notices on their tenants. However, there are still many things that the landlord needs to get right for the notice to be valid. That is why it always makes sense to get expert legal advice. 

How can we help?

If you are dealing with a possession claim, either bringing or defending one, you should obtain specialist legal advice as soon as possible.

TV Edwards has a team of solicitors with expertise in bringing and defending possession claims. We advise and act for tenants and landlords regarding enforcement of possession orders and warrants of possession/notices of evictions.

We work under legal aid for occupiers who are at risk of losing their homes and who meet the financial eligibility criteria. We offer reasonable fees where you are not eligible for legal aid.

If you are a tenant or occupier seeking legal advice relating to housing issues, then please contact us on 0203 440 8100or email to see if we can assist.

If you are a landlord seeking advice on regaining possession of your property we can offer fixed fees or reasonable hourly rates for advice and representation. Please contact us on 020 3440 8100 or email with your enquiry.

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