The misuse and abuse of power by the police service can have devastating effects on individuals. It also diminishes the trust which we all have in those holding responsible and influential positions.

At TV Edwards we have a team dedicated to taking action against the police, other prosecuting authorities and organisations including the Prison Service, and immigration authorities. The team is headed by Felix Couchman, a highly experienced expert in this complex and challenging field. He is supported by legal specialists who offer the best advice and support in making complaints and pursuing a wide spectrum of civil claims. We get the answers and the redress that clients need, whether that is a formal apology or compensation for what went wrong.

Complaints & Claims Against the Police involves:-

  • making complaints to the police and other relevant state authorities
  • judicial review, to challenge unlawful decisions
  • claims for unlawful arrest and/or detention
  • damages claims for assault or unlawful or excessive force
  • instigating proceedings where a client has been maliciously prosecuted for an offence
  • challenging the misuse of power by those performing a public role (misfeasance in a public office).
  • human rights claims.
  • “death in custody” cases
  • advising on and representing clients at HM Coroner’s inquests.

Our solicitors deliver the highest possible standard of client care and professional service. Any action against the police or similar organisation will be stressful and challenging. We recognise this, and we make sure that every client is treated individually with the support they need to get through it.

One of our team will be happy to see or speak with you about an initial enquiry. We are able to arrange home, hospital or prison visits and have access to independent interpreters in a wide range of languages.

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I really appreciate everything you have done for me, you have helped me turn one of the most negative things that happened in my life into a big positive. You were always honest and straightforward and I always appreciated that. This money is going to help me so much and it’s down to you.

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