About Sean

Sean is a highly rated criminal defence solicitor who has been representing his clients for over twenty five years. Sean became a partner in 2000 at another leading Central London firm supervising a large team. He then joined the criminal department at TV Edwards in 2011 as a senior solicitor and became partner in 2013. He currently supervises the criminal department at the South London Office.

He has a large volume of own clients who call for his unique expertise whenever they may need advice and assistance at the police station, the Magistrates’ or Crown Court. He is well known for his client care skills and personable approach. He has an excellent reputation with fellow solicitors and barristers, including QCs. 

Sean is highly skilled in his role and is very thorough in his work. He is known for obtaining excellent outcomes for clients and his knowledge relating to serious offences is second to none and, as such, he often receives referrals from existing clients and fellow lawyers.

Particular areas of expertise:

Sean’s areas of expertise covers grave offences including murder, attempted murder and serious sexual offences. He is able to examine every point of a case in an accurate and efficient manner and decipher weaknesses in the Crown’s case at a very early stage in the proceedings.

Sean regularly attends the police station and represents clients who are being investigated for serious cases. He also represent clients in Magistrates’ court trials.

Notable/reported cases:
  • R v B – Successful half-time submission made on a multi-handed murder trial at the Old Bailey.
  • R v D – Eight defendants arrested for murder. Client first on indictment. Trial ran for three and a half months in the Old Bailey. Client was the only defendant acquitted of murder.
  • R v M – Murder case relating to a former heavy weight boxing champion shot dead in a nightclub. Multi-handed case. Client acquitted of murder.
  • R v H – Murder of a drug dealer by youths using a Mac10 machine gun. Client found not guilty after trial.
  • R v A – Represented a 13 year old who was one of the youngest people in the country charged with murder. After a jury trial, the client was acquitted of murder. Convicted of manslaughter.
  • R v M – Multi-handed murder case at the Old Bailey where the victim was stamped on the head and thrown in the river. The client was acquitted of murder and convicted of manslaughter. Two co-defendants were convicted of murder.
  • R v H – Client was the private secretary to Duke of Edinburgh. Historic sex assault of a young girl whilst the client was working at Buckingham Palace for the Royal Family. Client was found not guilty after trial.
  • R v A – Client had developed mental health issues resulting from a motor bike accident. As a result of believing his partner would be attacked by puppets coming out of the TV, he tried to protect her by decapitating her head and that of the pet dog. Charged with murder. Sean persuaded the prosecution to accept a plea to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.
  • R v B – Client suffering from paranoid Schizophrenia and randomly attacked a stranger in the road by stabbing him in the eye. Charged with s18 GBH. After a trial, the court ruled that the defence of insanity was made out and he was found not guilty.
  • R v Y – Murder case whereby a top London consultant psychiatrist was charged with the murder of his lover by burning down their house whilst she was asleep. Sean obtained psychiatric reports and persuaded the prosecution to reduce the charge to manslaughter.
  • R v D – Multi-handed case at the Old Baily involving Sri Lankan gangs who met in a South London carpark and a samurai sword was drawn. The client kicked the victim whilst he was dying on the ground. Client was acquitted of murder but convicted of affray.
  • R v J – Client was charged with murder after being racially abused in public house and his vehicle had bottles thrown at it. The client returned to the scene with a Samurai sword. A struggle ensued between the parties and the victim died. The defence of provocation was put forward based on the racial abuse the client had suffered previously. The jury acquitted him of murder and convicted him of manslaughter on the basis of provocation.
  • Accredited police station representative
  • Duty solicitor
Professional Organisations:
  • London Criminal Courts Solicitors’ Association
Client Recommendations:

“Before the court, I communicated with Sean by email and their responses were very professional and with no delay. “

“Miracle worker.”

“Done us proud.”

“Goes out of his way for people and goes the extra mile.”

“The service he provides can’t get any better”

“Case was won by Sean’s prepared statement.”

“No need to worry about police and court procedures – just ask for Sean Richards whenever you’re in a bother.”

“I trust Sean 100%.”

“Very industrious solicitor.”

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