It’s Family Mediation Week and one question that keeps getting asked is “Are MIAMs just a hurdle I have to jump through before I can go to court?”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that this was the case, because before making an application to court for a child arrangements or financial order you have to find a mediator and show that you have thought about mediation.

This is because the court wants to be sure that you have considered mediation and other options, and that attending court is a last resort and not the first.

This is for good reason, whether you are looking to discuss how to divide your finances or making arrangements for your children, you know your family situation better than anyone.

Choosing your mediator is critical, you should always check that they are experienced and accredited with the Family Mediation Council; when you attend mediation, the mediator will then make sure that you can express yourself and be heard.

In mediation you can discuss what is important to you and the agreement you come up with can then be more than just about the legal issues; it can also include things like how you communicate together in the future in the best interests of your child or children.

Mediation helps you achieve workable solutions and it’s the right thing to do in most cases.

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