Landlords must follow the correct legal procedure to evict tenants. However, if you are facing a situation where your landlord is trying to force you out of your home unlawfully then you will need legal advice.

In addition, most tenants have the right to quiet enjoyment of their home. However, if you are facing a landlord who is entering your home without your permission, persistently threatening you and/or removing or restricting your utilities, then you will need legal advice.

You may be able to apply to the court for an injunction preventing your landlord from evicting you and/or harassing you.

How we can help

We understand these situations can be really stressful for you and members of your household.

If your landlord has unlawfully evicted you, attempted to unlawfully evict you and/or has harassed you, please contact us on or speak to a member of our team on 020 3440 8000.

Funding your case

Where Legal Aid is not available we can offer you competitive hourly rates or fixed fee packages. Click here to find out more.

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