TV Edwards’ Driving Offence solicitors have years of experience in successfully defending a range of motoring offences. Our aim is to protect your driving licences and if at all possible keep you on the road.  We deal with all road traffic offences and can offer advice as well as legal representation at court. We have a national client base whom we advise 24/7, so if you want expert legal advice or require legal representation anywhere in England & Wales, please call us on 020 3440 8000.

‘Special reasons’ occur when the court believes you carried out the driving offence due to extenuating circumstances. The courts may decide not to disqualify you but alternatively you may receive penalty points.

Special reasons can occur due to the following:

  • The shortness of distance driven.
  • A genuine emergency.

How can TV Edwards Driving Offence solicitors help?

Our Driving Offence solicitors have experience in saving people from disqualification. If you feel you have a ‘special reason’ for your driving offence contacts our solicitors and we will inform you whether or not you have a case. Strong mitigation can be the difference between whether or not you loose your driving licence, in more serious cases whether or not you receive custodial sentence or how long disqualification is imposed for, so make you have the best representation at the courts by contacting us today.  

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