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Driving using a mobile phone and other hand-held communication devices such as navigation equipment is illegal. The offence is separated in three ways;

  • Using a hand-held mobile whilst driving.
  • Permitting or causing the use of a hand-held telephone by the driver of a vehicle.
  • Supervising a provisional license holder while using a hand held telephone.

When driving using a mobile phone you can expect to receive 3 penalty points on your driving license and a fine.

There is a defence if the person using the mobile phone fulfils three criteria:-

  • By making a call to an emergency service using 112 or 999.
  • The caller is acting in response to a genuine emergency.
  • It was unsafe or impracticable to cease the driving.

The legislation arises because of concern that the use of mobile phones whilst driving causes distraction.  This distraction can lead to more serious offences such as dangerous driving or causing death or serious injury by dangerous driving, offences which carry custodial sentences. 

A charge of driving using a mobile phone can occur even if you are in stationary traffic with your car engine switched on. In addition drivers must be aware that although there is no specific ban against using hands-free devices, you can still be prosecuted if police believe the device has caused dangerous driving. 

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TV Edwards Driving Offence solicitors will use their expert knowledge and skills to represent you at Court when accused of mobile phone offences. Our solicitors have experience in some of the most serious and complicated cases around and can provide advice tailored to your case. 

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