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Failure to provide a sample occurs when a person fails to provide a specimen or refuses to co-operate with roadside breathalyser tests with no ‘reasonable excuse’. Without legal representation you could be convicted of driving offences by failing to provide a specimen to the police.

There are three offences which exist when failing to provide a sample:

  1. When a person fails to submit to a roadside breathalyser test or impairment test.
  2. When a person fails to provide breath, blood or urine samples at the police station.
  3. Failing to give permission for laboratory test.

How can TV Edwards Driving Offence solicitors help?

Our skilful Driving Offence solicitors have years of experience in representing those faced with driving offences. Our in-depth knowledge of the law can provide you with the correct advice; we can tell you whether the circumstances of your case count to a ‘reasonable excuse’. Please do not assume you have no other option than to plead guilty, instead contact our specialist Driving Offence solicitors today.

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