TV Edwards’ Driving Offence solicitors have years of experience in successfully defending a range of motoring offences. Our aim is to protect your driving licences and if at all possible keep you on the road.  We deal with all road traffic offences and can offer advice as well as legal representation at court. We have a national client base whom we advise 24/7, so if you want expert legal advice or require legal representation anywhere in England & Wales, please call us on 020 3440 8000.

Driving whilst disqualified is an absolute offence and those accused are often arrested on the spot as opposed to being summoned to appear at court. In these cases it is vital that you obtain legal advice from a specialist Driving Offence lawyer. Problems often arise where people are disqualified due to ‘totting up’ but are unaware that they have done so. There are a variety of sentences for people caught driving whilst disqualified, this could include, a prison sentence (in serious cases), an extended period of disqualification, a fine and 6 penalty points.

How can TV Edwards Driving Offence solicitors help?

TV Edwards Driving Offence solicitors can provide you with the best representation; they have endless experience in persuading the courts. Our solicitors can identify evidential defects, which have resulted in cases being thrown out of Court. Our down-to-earth solicitors will leave ‘no stone unturned’ in your case and will provide you with the best legal advice around. 

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