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Drink driving convictions occur when a person drives a motor vehicle (in a public place) after consuming enough alcohol to exceed the prescribed limit. It is a strict liability offence which means that if you are found to have alcohol above the prescribed limit you are guilty of the offence. If the reading is above 120 mg of alcohol in breath then you will face a prison sentence. There is a mandatory minimum period of 12 months disqualification from driving unless ‘special reasons’ not to disqualify can be shown. The most common example of ‘special reasons’ are when drinks are ‘spiked’.   

An accusation of Drink Driving can result in:

  • A criminal record.
  • Increased driving insurance.
  • If you require a licence at work you may also lose your job.

How can TV Edwards Driving Offence solicitors help?

TV Edwards’ driving offence solicitors have vast experience in representing clients on drink driving cases. Our solicitors understand how you must feel if it’s your first time facing with a drink driving prosecution and will listen and give you expert legal advice.

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